Friday, September 10, 2010

Completed Reimagined

Ok so here is the promised "Re-imagined" picture.

Due to forces beyond my control there is no 'Before' picture anymore. But picture with me an old blackened crusty looking, sticky feeling old chandelier left to hang in a random mountain top antique store, unsure if its wires even work. Retired, cracked and gunked up light bulb stands, bulbs long gone left to sit without purpose or much hope of being useful or valued.

p.s. the sad irony and metamorphic parallel of how people treat each other when we get 'older' and appear to have lost our 'shineyness' isn't a coincidence lost on me.
Maybe the following pictures can help encourage us all to spend some time uncovering the hidden
jewels around us.
You say 'old'...I say treasures of experience and a wealth of wisdom.