Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rock National Monument

This last weekend, Esteban & i took our 3 little niƱos for a family hike up thru Tent Rock. Such fullness & beauty this "barren land" holds. Ironic. Out in the middle of nowhere, striped conicals of rock. You cant help but stare and say,"How?" Yes, yes i know- the combination of volcanos erruptions, wind power & the forceful shaping of rushing waters thruout just a few years. But seriously. "How can it do THAT?"
I guess the closet theologian in me couldn't help but find encouragement in this natural phenomenon. A long time ago this brother of mine, Amos (later famously quoted by another brother, Martin Luther King) wrote about justice & righteousness rushing down like a mighty, never- failing water (Amos 5:24). Love the imagery of water smoothing out our not so little rough spots. Ha.

Well out here in desert world i m beginning to really appreciate water. Its refreshing, healing & land molding properties. 

If God's creations can create such beauty, then surely there s hope he can mold my pitiful body of mud into something cool.

Here's one of my favorite spots in the slot canyon. A cool spot to bask in the shade.