Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Birch trees

As we drive up the mountain, swirling back and forth up the rode, I basque in the beauty of these trees.
Their silver frosted trunks so thickly huddled together they almost distract you from the beauty of the variegated blue mountains beyond.
This land is breathtaking.

Hope Springs...

Hey Spring!
Is that you I see?
Are you almost here?

5 x 4 watercolor

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


The beauty of true reconciliation.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Turquoise Tufted

When i was a little girl, we had a large bay window in our kitchen.  Outside the window hung a bird feeder bag. Sitting at the breakfast table we would bird watch. Together. Mom, Dad and me.(this was before my little bro was born)

We had a cerulean covered bird book nearby gifted to me by an older woman, bird watching enthusiast, i met my 8 year olded summer, as I tagged along with my Dad. He painted houses during the summer's school break. Painting her house, he'd let me tag along. She told me a bit about her hobby. Ever since, we kept the book close by, just in case a new winged warbler came to call. We'd look it up and learn a new bird name.

Gold finch, tufted titmouse, chickadee. These were my childhood flighted favorites. I remember watching my Mom sketch out a chickadee on a scrap of paper, just for fun.  I was bewildered. How could she do that? A pencil. Paper. And like magic, it looked just like a chickadee. So real.

Thirty years later, while watching my kids one day, I am caught off guard by my fascination with the sight of a new bird. It's one I've never seen before.
My first thought? To look it up in my book.
My second thought? To paint my memory of it. So, today. I share those thoughts with you.

A comforting custom, looking up birds in a book with my parents.
A day or two allowed to "tag along" with Dad and be together. 
An artist mom's skill shared, observed and taught.
A conversation given by a hobbyist inspiring a young inquisidor.
They are moments in time. Thoughtfulness. Time spent. Given. Recieved. And cherished.

Don't forget in your rush today to accomplish your To Do list today, to stop and be. Just Be. Treasure people enough to spend time. Appreciate moments given enough to recieve. 
You never know, 30 years later your child or a stranger met for mere moments might still cherish your gift given.