The Artist

Artist statement
I see a lot of pain, suffering and confusion evident in daily life around the world.  But there is always hope. 
My aspiration in painting is simply this, to convey the best things I know to be true; hope, grace, joy, renewal, love and beauty. I have experienced these invaluables and it seems selfish to keep them for myself. I paint what I see around me, everyday impressions of hope, colorful, expressions of joy and the beauty I see in nature. I'm especially interested in expressing a narrative of hope and renewal.
While it is as easy to see despair as choosing to see brown in the desert, I choose to search for more. I see the explosion of life through unexpected color, and human-like contours of the earth and its flora. I find the narrative of hope can be unfolded in the mirror of nature. My style leans toward the abstract but is inspired by Impressionism and is teeming with life. I work to interpret landscapes and flora in a bold, fun, larger-than-life way.

 Artist Bio.
Carlye Daugird, grew up in Sandwich, Massachusetts, a small Northeastern town. She has lived in the southeast for over half her life and recently moved to Albuquerque,NM in The summer of 2013. Carlye has been exploring the desert landscapes and flora with acrylics, watercolor and multimedia since, and brings a set of fresh eyes to interpreting the southwest land. Before art, she worked both as a consultant with the U.S. Navy in the Mediterranean and served as a Youth Minister for 7 years. 
Carlye is married to the love of her life and enjoys being an artist and Mom to 3 beautifully unique children.
Carlye is self-taught, but she was raised on art. As a child, she joined her artist and muralist mother on countless commissions lending a creative hand to the final product.
Carlye’s art belies her lifelong love of color. She primarily works in acrylics and watercolor.  Her paintings are the opposite of demure – she paints in a big bold way -- vibrant colors, gutsy strokes and exaggerated silhouettes. With a penchant for texture, her paintings appear almost sculptural up close.
As her artistic career has grown she has exhibited, sold, and been commissioned in many locations throughout North Carolina and Alabama, including a piece on display at the Southern Poverty Law Center and Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery.