Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hello September

Today takes us under the cool relief of the orange grove branches.  Citrus refreshing scent on the whispering breeze.  Awakening us to joy and possibilities for the day.

Original Watercolor
September 1, 2014
6 x 6
$30 SOLD

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

30 in 30 for September

The kids are all off at school and here I sit at my desk, looking out my window at my pear tree and the hummingbirds flying by with majestic mountains and wide open skies as the backdrop to this moment of peace. I am so thankful for this upcoming season. I have no crystal ball unfortunately, but I do know this season is an opportunity long awaited. When the kids where younger my oldest used to say to me, "Mama when we all go to school you can do whatever you want." At the time it felt like a pipe dream. But here I am...livin' the dream. Doing what I want.

For me the best way to start an opportunity is to dive in, risks and all. So, here goes. I ve never done this before but...
I've decided to try something new. My Aunt, by marriage, who is a beautiful painter, and can be seen here
has done 30 paintings in 30 days before and I'm always astounded at how much beauty she can create in 1 month so I'm inspired to give it a try myself.
Starting in a couple weeks I'm going to attempt to post 30 paintings in 30 days. (Hopefully I won't have to forgive myself too many days for not getting it done. An exercise in grace giving and technique?)

It'll be good technique practice time for me and fun to see where this September takes US. 
Yes, I said US. 
You can come on this mini-adventure with me if you'd like. How?

1) 'Follow' my blog. 
Thanks ahead of time for the support.

2) Spread the word. Tell your friends to follow me. (There may just be a surprise one day that you could win if you're a follower. Hint. Hint.)

3) You can help with painting inspiration. 
Email me, a picture and you may end up visiting the blog to see your picture painted. 

Objects (favorite fruit, veggies from your own garden, heirloom family grandfather clocks, prized child's toy, cookies you always made with Gramma...) or memorable places ( honeymoon sunsets, tropical getaway beaches, views from your favorite hiking/biking spot, a park bench where your grandpa and you used to sit and feed the pigeons,  an old dock you gre up fishing at with your Dad, your back yard or a place you ve always wanted to go...)make great paintings. Any thing or place that you can see beauty in can be a great painting. So email me your special pics or if you don't have a picture but want to make a suggestion, feel free to leave me a comment below of what you'd like to see brought to beauty in paint.

The journey is half the adventure...right?!

Monday, August 4, 2014

The storms, they come and go...

Yes they do. But I am always so thankful to see them go. To see that first glimpse of hope and joy that comes with the warmth of the sun shinning through the clouds upon my face.

8 x 10 original unframed watercolor
$55 + shipping