Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Colors of the Mountains

Years ago when I first visited 'the desert' as my kids now call this land we live in, I witnessed many shades of brown.
Now my eyes see much more color.
Flat lands look amber, ochre, lemon, citrus or crimson.
Mtn. Peaks perceived as deep cobalts, aubergine purple or even violent salmon.
And the sky? It's as moody as anything showing off its warm blush in the rose sunset shrouded in a mystery of clouds or its wide open cool blues for as long as you can see.

Sandia Sunset
Acylic 11 x 14 
Sunny Sandia
Acrlylic 12 x 16

Monday, March 3, 2014

Layers of the Land

I'm struck often by how much depth the land tells of out here (NM). As far as the eye can see there s layers upon layers. Rolling hills, bountiful crests, shocking flat topped mesas, and then comes the many layers of multiple shaded mountains.  There s nothing shallow about this lady land.

And then there s the sky. It really does seem bigger to me out west then back east.  It s endlessness provokes dreams and possibilities just as the strong, immovable mountains draws out the peace within you.

I see God's face all around me.
Where do you see God today?