Saturday, June 12, 2010


You know what I love?!
I love the idea of taking something old, cast aside, unappreciated or run down and re-making it or bringing new life to it. The idea of breathing new life into 'old bones'. I'm definitely be brewing on that for future art endeavors.

I went to this great antique shop up the street from our new home (here in Birmingham, AL) and saw this old chandelier - black from dirt, abandoned, only mildly imperfect, lightbulbless but with hopefully still working wires and I had to get it! My parents came for a visit and my Dad and I spent a few minutes with vinegar water and toothbrushes on it (as an aside : random, but great way to bond with loved ones). With a few beads, crystals and spray paint I can see it in our dining room. I'm in love. Will let you know how it turns out.

Anyways just been thinking about how many things we buy that we could re-make or throw away that we could re-invent or how many people we pass buy that we could re-value.

So, any re-imagining, re-used, re-values, re-beautified...stories out there to share? Would love to be inspired by your thoughts and stories.