Friday, June 20, 2014

Mariposa change

Change is hard. Even if you know it's good change. At least it is for me.
This one is a reminder. For me and maybe it ll be one for you.
Remember, change can be beautiful.

Whether it's a new baby, a new job, moving away from a home to a new beginning, or even starting a new discipline of excercise. It'll take time. So let's be patient with ourselves. The beauty of the tree outside my window didn't happen over night. Even a small little caterpillar takes it s time and becomes what it was meant to in the time it was meant to.

My Gramma recently turned 90! One of the many, many things I ve learned from her life and wisdom is that you're not done till you move on from this life. She's lived 90 years and still has an unfinished work, a life full of the unwritten. For as much as she has accomplished and impacted others around  her (and wow! has she!), she hasn't stopped. I hope I never forget to always keep growing, learning and being of use to my God here on earth.

So today, let's remember. Remember the person we want to be. Remember to be patient with ourselves.  Remember life doesn't always happen in YOUR timing or YOUR way, but it can be so beautiful.