Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cape Town Bloom

Still painting through my thoughts and memeories of our family's South African adventure. Strolling along a lane in Cape Town, with one of my kids, after a delightful outdoor family  breakfast, I stopped to take a picture of this bloom. 

Later, the multiplicity of diverse shades of purple in one single bloom struck me. So simple. So beautiful. The vibrancy of the tones only intensified next to each other. Not one dulled or valued any less. Made me wonder and think how sad it must make God when we don't see that vibrancy in the tones of our skin.

One bloom. One race. The human race. Simple really. Sometimes we as humans let the past, our fear, our pride, our ignorance and so much more stand in the way of simply stopping to see the beauty around us. Today, I hope a few of us stop. Stop and appreciate the beauty in the design of a multiplicity of diverse shades.