Sunday, September 28, 2014

To the Love of my life

September 28.
Twelve years ago today I married a tall, dark & handsome man I had come to love & respect. Little did I realize how much deeper our love would grow through the years ahead. 12 down, 60+ more to go, Babe-Love

So for today, i painted this for you babe. A view from our La Luz hike (you know that 8 mile hike where i cried half way through and couldn't even speak the last quarter - good times) together to say this.
Even in the toughest 'climbs' so far, I have been glad to be side by side with you. It hasn't always been easy but what breathtaking views there have been. Whatever is around the next bend, I'm so thankful we get to go thru this adventure of life together. There's no one else I'd rather cry or laugh or laugh so hard I cry with thru the next 70 years with.
I love you.
I do.
I will.