Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Bo what?

Day 9 and we find ourselves a skip and a jump accross the 'pond'. South Africa here we come.

The Bo Kapp. 

It's this beautifully diverse neighborhood I visited last spring with my sister (in law) to take a Cape Malay cooking class (near Cape Town). A conglomeration of resilient, unimbittered people who now belong to each other. I say now cause it has some complicated and not originally pleasant history. (Here's a very brief summary: http://book app.co.za/history
What I liked most about this neighborhood, besides the obvious splashing color of their homes, was that the people and tastes (food known from the Bo Kapp) were mirrors of each other. Spices and souls from all over, forced to geographically collide and then came together to blend so shockingly well. Sweet. Spicey. Smooth. And impressively blended.

So today, try something new. A new taste of life to wake you up to the possibilities of the future.

6 x 6
$30 (plus shipping)