Friday, September 26, 2014

Day 26: a little fun

So here i am 26 days down and only 4 to go. 
Today I needed a little break. So here's a daily double. One light hearted but fun painting from a  Dr. Seuss quote with a 'so true' message.
And the second is just something I had to do. For my own sanity. Too many detailed or semi-realistic paintings in a row for this granola girl. So, i let myself get messy and have fun with no plan. Won't win any awards with this but it was fun to paint.
Sometimes we all need a break from what's expected to just sit back and enjoy ourselves.
So don't forget to be a little silly and enjoy yourself today.

Dr. Seuss quote
6 x 6
$ 20 (+ shipping)

 Original Watercolor
Garden View CityScape
12 x 18
$ 50