Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sketchings from Paradise

Three months ago, at the end of September, the hunky, humble and ever patient love of my life & I celebrated 10 years of marriage.
It was ten years ago that we had miraculously fallen in love & agreed to love each other for the rest of our lives. I say miraculously, because if you didn't know us way back when you wouldn't know how incredibly shocked everyone was the Steve Daugird & Carlye Clark were dating nevermind, getting married. We are a bit different from each other, to say the least.
We had a lot of love to grow into and by the grace of God we learned to interpret each other's communication a bit. Then we survived, I mean enjoyed, 3 babies worth of memories & sleepless nights. There were challenges and trials, some of which brought us to the point of desperate need for our faithful Savior & Lord. There were years of joyfilled laugter & livin on love, loans & the good Lord's provisions. There were many memories which cocooned us metamorphasizing us into who we are today; two grace-given, flawed people who love each other & know how to love each other so much more than the day we walked down that grassy aisle.
And so, we had a lot to celebrate!
My partner & best friend of 10 years knew that we had a lot to celebrate. So, he worked extra shifts & secretly planned for months to whisk me off my feet, once again, but this time quite literally on an Anniversary vacation like none other. A return to our honeymoon port, Cancun, Mexico. This time, to La Isla Mujeres.
After many years of diapers, scheduling, more lessons in communicating, parental duties, all amidst the often raucously booming noises of childhood & parenting (so, only a little yelling), this week long, tropical sabbatical was just what the doctor ordered. Heavenly, in fact.
Sitting on the beach, under the palm trees, well rested, not a care in the world, surrounded by the sounds of tropical bliss I did what any art inclined soul would do.
I sketched.
Hope you enjoy the peace inspired sketching of a wife celebrating.